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Create delicious family experiences by adding flavor to your meals.


To be by 2031 a leading food company with profitable and innovative products with national and international coverage; elaborated by a human team committed to delivering quality products supported by technology and a management system, caring for the environment, contributing to the development of our collaborators and strategic partners.

el sabor en el tiempo

The flavor in the years


presidente el sabor
In 1982, Mr. Luis Alfonso Freire and his wife Mrs. Carmen Campos founded the company with the launch of the line of spices and condiments.


The line of ¨Ready to use¨ processed products was developed, such as: complete dressing, garlic paste, achiote paste, natural vinegar and vinegar with spices.


In 1995, it was decided to venture into the "selected and packaged" dry grain market, where the entire process line is handled with the best quality standards until it is displayed on the rack.



In 1998 we entered the sauces market with the following products: chili sauce, Chinese sauce, mayonnaise, tomato sauce and mustard serving institutional customers (food service), then with the presentations for the final consumer with which we arrived through the main supermarkets in the country.


In 2009, tamarind pulp was launched on the market, a product that has the particularity of not needing refrigeration.



We obtained important certifications, which guarantee our daily activities.


logo el saborWe change our image following the market trend.